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About us

The Reel Seat was founded in 1982 by Dave Arbeitman and Grant Toman in a small tackle shop on Green Street in Brielle. Dave and Grant were innovators in the fishing world and came into notoriety when they developed the first high-speed titanium spreader bar as the shop evolved into a destination for offshore fishing tackle and local knowledge.

Dave eventually became sole proprietor of the Reel Seat. In 2014, he and his team’s passion for fishing, combined with the goal to offer customers the newest and best fishing techniques for all fisheries, lead to a move to a much larger store at 707 Union Ave (Rt 71). The convenient location and continued passion to set the standard for innovation in modern inshore and offshore tackle made the Reel Seat one of the premier outfitters on the East Coast. 

Dave was passionate about deep drop fishing and later slow-pitch jigging became one of his favorite techniques. The Reel Seat quickly became “THE” place to get setup for these techniques. Reel Seat tilefish rods and rigs are some of the best in the business and you’d be hard pressed to find a better variety of jigs for all fishing techniques. 

Dave’s passing on May 10th of 2020 was a blow to the industry as well as his many close friends and family. But Dave’s legend lives on with the Reel Seat team. His wife Karen Arbeitman, GM Eric Bunz, stepson Ted, and the top-notch Reel Seat staff are committed to providing the same great standard of service that Dave created as the foundation of the Reel Seat. The Reel Seat team is honored to welcome you into the fishing family so come down and checkout the new expansion happening in Spring 2023 as we continue to grow with your help and support!